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We chose Solatube brand skylights to stand-up to the extremes of climate that we have here in Michigan. Not all tubular skylights are Solatube brand, so be sure you are getting the originals with the Solatube brand and guarantees, call us for professional installation. This site has many pages of detailed information, be sure to explore more of it. Click here to see the 8 ceiling fixtures. Click Here

Do these cost more than others?

Actually, these cost much less than retrofitting regular window style skylights. If you are comparing to knock-off brand daylights that are available on the market; look at what you get for your money. Smart Daylight package deals include 6 feet of light pipe (not 4 feet), a patented light collecting dome and an inner dome on the roof (not just a clear plastic dome), a one-piece metal flashing (not plastic), Vusion style ceiling fixture, an inner seal above the ceiling fixture (not just a loose fitting flat fixture) and our professional guaranteed installation. These are much, much different than the knock-off kits. Why not get the best? Click here to see current package deal specials. Click Here